Data Backup & Recovery

Bimotech backup offers a cross-platform and high performance backup solution that protects your system, data, files and applications in both physical and virtual environments. We regularly test our restore process, ensuring important information is secure.


  • Designed for servers, laptops & desktops
  • Backs up SQL, Exchange and user data like My Docs, Outlook, etc
  • Works across Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD


  • Once configured, runs automatically
  • Every conceivable scheduling option (including multiple full backups) available
  • Works quietly in the background
  • Automatic Directory monitoring available


  • Offers between 64 – 448 bit encryption using the powerful, military strength Blowfish algorithm

Feature Packed

  • Intelli-Delta Technology captures byte level differences in files with the powerful RSYNC algorithm
  • Ability to take the 1st backup locally, and do incremental backups online, thereafter
  • Powerful compression
  • Detailed graphical reporting
  • Supports Exchange, SQL, System state/Active directory backups and lots more.
  • Bare Metal Backup included with virtual server recovery options for quicker restores!

Easy Restores

  • Single Files
  • Deleted Files
  • Older versions of files

Reasons for Data Loss

Nearly a third of businesses lose data due to events beyond their control and one in twenty suffer data loss every year.

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Want to know more?

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